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Balmer Lawrie believes that good financial results are not an end in itself to assess the success of any business; rather it is a mean to achieving higher socio-economic goals. In pursuance of this belief, the Company is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible manner and be responsive to the needs of the society at large. Accordingly, the Company has been pursuing various CSR initiatives since the last few decades driving sustainable development and growth for its stakeholders.

Balmer Lawrie's CSR initiatives are driven by two Flagship Programs - Balmer Lawrie Initiative for Self Sustenance [BLISS] and Samaj Mein Balmer Lawrie [SAMBAL]. While the first Program is directed at providing and improving the long term economic sustenance of the underprivileged, the second Program aims at improving the living standards and quality of life of population in and around the Company's work-centers. Read the success story of the beneficiaries of the flagship program BLISS. As a part of SAMBAL, continuous development work is being carried out in Sayali Village in Silvassa.

Through the various CSR programs, the Company has constantly endeavored to integrate the interest of the business with that of the communities in which it operates. In keeping with Department of Public Enterprises [DPE] guidelines on CSR, the Company has formulated a CSR Policy and Long Term Perspective Plan. In order to facilitate companywide implementation of our CSR policy and ensure that CSR is embedded across various business units and their operations, a CSR governance structure has been put in place. Further, Balmer Lawrie is a founding member of Global Compact in India and it has unstintingly pursued Global Compact's principles and agenda over the years. We have been constantly working towards adopting fair and equitable practices at the workplace, implementing focused CSR projects, adopting environment friendly processes and technologies and advancing sustainability efforts to champion the Principles of the Global Compact.

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The Company in the last five years has taken up several CSR activities. Some of the projects/initiatives are detailed below:

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