HR Beliefs & Values of Balmer Lawrie

  1. Organisations exist for People.
  2. People are most vital for the success or failure of the organisation.
  3. People are individuals and each is different from the other.
  4. People are basically honest, committed.
  5. Organisation values and respects the integrity and dignity of People.
  6. People own responsibility for their actions and are accountable for results of such actions.
  7. Each Person has inherent potential which can be nurtured for growth of self and the organization.
  8. People carry some weaknesses which can be overcome with awareness, support and willingness of individuals to develop their potential.
  9. People are constantly growing and changing and in this journey of change they are merely to be guided not spoon-fed.
  10. Organisation believes in the initiatives of its People and encourages them to take prudent risks.
  11. Non-monetary considerations like job challenge, responsibility, freedom to act and recognition are as important as monetary compensation.
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